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Founded in cosmopolitan, 1872 Beirut, Al Samadi is a brand offering Arabic sweets and European confectionaries, renowned throughout the Middle East since 1872. Recently, it was decided to revitalise this heritage brand. Under TKI’s leadership, the new Al Samadi came to life in a decidedly retro café and sweet shop in the heart of Dubai. A total of AED 4M was invested into the re-branding project.

TKI was responsible for re-developing the new Al Samadi concept and brand, as well as the design of the interior of the first French-Lebanese café in Dubai.

The brand is positioned as an upscale, Arabic heritage brand – entirely home-grown –confidently competing in the global pantheon of luxury sweet brands. It is aimed at both the local market and the foreign market. Amongst Arabs, the name is quite well-known and respected. The revamped, retro style packaging, with its pastel colours, is intended to invoke a kind of nostalgia and playfulness and to appeal to both the older and younger generations. And in order to appeal to foreign visitors and expatriates English subtext was added to the new logo mark.

TKI was responsible for the full scope of the project, from conceptualisation to implementation and management.