Established in 2001, Thomas Klein International (TKI) was founded with the aim to deliver a complete range of Design, Consulting and Management services for investors and operators in the Hospitality, Entertainment and Leisure sectors throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Headquartered in the Gulf Emirate of Dubai TKI's international team serves the hospitality sector with a range of services that includes hotels, restaurants, F&B consulting, spas and retail. TKI is always exposed to wide-ranging and deep information that enriches every single project. And the diverse and talented team members provide a range of comprehensive and specialist skills that are tailored to the needs of each development.

Our approach:

  • We craft each project from the ground up creating originals not using old formulas.
  • We have over 15 years of presence in the dynamic Arabian Gulf marketplace.
  • We shape each project with a commitment to both form and functionality, ensuring that we deliver solutions that are together engaging and efficient.
  • We provide a wide swathe of services from a single firm, saving the client time and resources and creating a disciplined and tactical approach to each venture.

Our multicultural team, our global experience and local expertise mean that we are able to dive straight in and provide fast and sharp, ideas, concepts and business solutions.



  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Mixed-use Developments

The team at TKI are on a constant global quest for cultural, design, culinary and business information. The company prides itself on its resourcefulness, gathering complex, multi-tiered research garnered from across the world.

If you want to be remembered, evoke an emotional connection.

This research informs, inspires and helps forecast trends, discover best-practices, identify market opportunities and apply practical know-how. It is an ideal mix of business and cultural intelligence when combined with experience and original thinking, offers a clear vision for clients and ultimately, a profitable outcome.