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TKI was appointed to design Fire Work, an Asian-inspired outlet, owned by Square Meals Restaurants, is located in Jana mall in the north of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This addition to the palette of fast-food Asian restaurants in Riyadh offers diners something truly unique in terms of their modern interpretation on Asian cuisine.

The interior design conveys the same message, and further enhances the outlet’s fresh and modern approach to dining, without compromising on the authenticity of the cuisine served. The restaurant uses both modern and authentic Asian materials including steel and bamboo in its design. The circular element of the wok serves as inspiration for the space branding, and to show the steps of ordering the meal and choosing the different ingredients. The ceiling feature is also made of actual woks, placed upside down, and painted vibrant on the inside to match the colour of the logo. Some of them are also fitted with lights.

TKI was responsible for Interior Design, Technical Kitchen Design and Design Implementation Supervision.