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TKI was appointed to develop the brand and design of Pickles, a gastro-burger joint with the quirky name of Pickles.

A fresh concept for the Epicure Group, Pickles served quality burgers and sliders complemented by the restaurant namesake, as well as a wide array of home-made pickles and relishes.

As there are many well-known burger brands in Kuwait, the unique selling point centers on the unique pickles and condiments as well as the freshness of the ingredients.  Additionally, design allows for guests to seethe actual process of making French fries - from cleaning to blanching, – a true rarity in a casual restaurant.  Diners are also able to watch as buns are freshly baked on site, further enforcing the commitment to fresh, natural cuisine.

The main design element is the plywood wall installation. 15 cm thick plywood has been molded to form a topographic surface, demonstrating the different layers of the burger.