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TKI was appointed to design the interiors for Prime and Toast, a well known spot for the quality of the produce used in their large selection of sandwiches and salads, incorporating only the freshest ingredients and vegetables as well as the best prime USDA beef in their dishes.

In order to draw attention to this devotion to quality and freshness, TKI introduced the 'vertical farming' concept in the latest Prime and Toast food outlet in Kuwait. The feature is based on the concept of vertical farming, invented in 1999 by American professor Dr. Dickson Despommier, to grow food in crowded urban areas. The vertical farm has been designed to be ecologically-friendly by a team of architects and engineers who devised a system whereby the condensation from the air-conditioning system is used to water the growing plants. The organic herbs and green-leaf vegetables harvested from the farm are used on the menu.

The flexibility of the menu is also of paramount importance, as it is usually based on the fresh produce available on a particular day.

The vertical farming section and the kitchen take central stage in the eatery with all tables enjoying direct views into the production area. To add to the ecological ethos of the restaurant, all the wood used in the production of the furniture will be from sustainable forests. The Epicure Group is the F&B development arm of The Sultan Group, the largest business group in Kuwait and as well as one of the largest in the region.